Thursday, August 04, 2005

Positive vibes in the localization industry

Today we heard the news from Lionbridge that they had a record quarter in terms of revenue, profits and cash generation. Rory Cowan seemed very excited with the prospects for the future of the company after the integration of Bowne (BGS).

He estimates that the company will achieve between $400 and $430 million in revenues in 2006, with profits of up to $40 million.

There were lots of interesting tidbits in the call (for amore detailed analysis, check Common Sense Advisory's Global Watchtower entry on the topic), but what I was glad to hear was the upbeat tone. Good things, growth, new clients, sales success... It looked like Lionbridge's executives were ecstatic, a sharp contrast from previous calls where they were almost apologizing for missing a quarter or for the concentration of technology clients in their portfolio.

On top of that, apparently Welocalize disclosed their numbers. I still have to find the source, but for me their $10.2 million in revenue in the first six months of the year do not compute...

Well, all these good news seem to be reflected in the results of the Global Confidence reports that Common Sense Advisory will be publishing in the next couple of days. One of the key findings of the quarterly survey is that 52% of the buyers expect their spending with translation to increase in the next three months.

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